Shuang Hor Mushroom Supplement


Shuang Hor Began as Twin Crane Enterprises in 1987. The trade is based totally out of Taiwan and has been set by means of “a number of Taiwanese marketers”. In 1996 Double Crane Enterprises used to be “restructured” and renamed to Shuang Hor.

The Shuang Hor web site identifies Ku Ping-Chia as CEO of the corporate. On their web page Shuang Hor point out a dedication to “fair path, secure enlargement, and zero-criticisms from the previous 30 years.”

About Shuang Hor

Shuang Hor advertise a collection of lingzhi (ganoderma lucidum, often known as reishi mushroom) established dietary supplements.

The Shuang Hor agreement plan will pay associates for promoting products to retail shoppers. Residual commissions are paid out by the use of a unilevel reimbursement construction in keeping with per month gross sales quantity production.

Shuang Hor Associate Ranks

There are 9 associate ranks inside the Shuang Hor reimbursement plan.

Along side their respective eligibility requirements, they are as follows:

  • Associate — check in to turn out to be a Shuang Hor associate
  • Elite — create no less than 13,000 PV a month
  • Vice Supervisor — individually recruit a Minumum of One Elite or upper certified associate
  • Senior Vice Supervisor — individually recruit no less than 3 Elite or upper certified associates
  • Particular Vice Supervisor — individually recruit no less than 5 Elite or higher certified associates
  • Diamond — individually recruit no less than seven Elite or higher certified associates
  • Double Diamond — individually recruit no less than two Elite or upper certified associates
  • Triple Diamond — individually recruit no less than twenty 5 Elite or higher certified associates
  • Gold Diamond — individually recruit no less than 13 Elite or upper certified associates

PV stands for “Private Quantity” and is gross sales quantity generated by means of gross sales to retail purchasers and an associate personal product orders

Retail Commissions

Shuang Hor associates earn a retail fee of 25 % of gross sales quantity generated by the use of sale of products to retail shoppers.

Residual Commissions

Shuang Hor pay residual commissions the usage of a unilevel reimbursement building.

A unilevel reimbursement construction places an associate on the Height of a unilevel group, with each and every individually recruited associate located without delay beneath them (degree 1):

If any degree 1 associates recruit new associates, then they are placed on degree 2 of the preliminary associate unilevel group.

If some degree 2 associates recruit new associates, then they’re put on degree three and so forth and so on down a theoretical limitless choice of ranges.

On the conclusion of every month Shuang Hor tally up GV made right through the unilevel group.

Consistent with per month PV Production, a Shuang Hor associate is paid a share of GV generated inside of their unilevel group as follows:

  • 400 GV = four %
  • 800 GV = eight %
  • 1600 GV = 12 %
  • 3200 GV = 16 %
  • 5200 GV = 20 %
  • 8800 GV = 24 %
  • 13,000 GV or extra = 28 %

GV stands for “Workforce Quantity” and can also be gross sales quantity generated by means of an associate and their very own unilevel group.

Management Bonus

The Management Bonus is an advantage share paid on gross sales quantity generated by means of individually recruited Elite and larger rated associates and their downlines.

  • Vice Supervisor rated associates get a 6.7% bonus
  • Senior Vice Supervisor rated associates obtain a four% bonus
  • Particular Vice Supervisor rated associates obtain a 2.7% bonus
  • Diamond ranked franchisees obtain a 1.three% bonus
  • Double Diamond ranked associates and larger obtain a nil.7% bonus

Rank Success Bonus

Shuang Hor pay winners a one-time bonus for qualifying on the Vice Supervisor and better ranks:

  • Vice Supervisor — $1100 USD
  • Senior Vice Supervisor — $2200 USD
  • Particular Vice Supervisor — $3666 USD
  • Diamond — $7332 USD
  • Twin Diamond — $14,664 USD
  • Triple Diamond — $29,330 USD
  • Gold Diamond — $58,660 USD

Shuang Hor affiliate internet marketing displays additionally declare Diamond and larger ranked associates are paid a $30,000 SGD ($21,997 USD) bonus each and every 4 years that they proceed to qualify within the Diamond and better positions.

Benefit Sharing

Despite the fact that now not discussed in legit Shuang Hor agreement documentation, some affiliate internet marketing demonstrations observed cite a Acquire Sharing element.

This is promoted as a percentage in 50% benefit sharing for 15 years for Vice Supervisor and better ranked associates.

Diamond Automobile Fund And Yr-end Bonus

Shuang Hor reimbursement documentation cites a Diamond Automobile Fund and Yr-end Bonus.

Shuang Hor’s Remark On Their Merchandise

“Specifically, we use computer systems to watch and take care of the expansion surroundings in all of the greenhouse, additionally we accumulate knowledge all yr spherical from inner/exterior meteorological stations, so as to mitigate environmental results (temperature/humidity, herbal disaster, outdoor pollution) and thereby produce lingzhi mushrooms with constant high quality and considerable supply to fulfill world call for.”

Shuang Hor Evaluate Abstract

The corporate does not identify any explicit diseases however does tout common therapeutic homes it asserts “works in 90 % of circumstances”.

Shuang Hor cites accreditation to again up its guarantees. The one accreditation in particular referenced at the Shuang Hor web site is that of the Taiwan Accreditation Basis (TAF).

Having mentioned that lingzhi is a confirmed medicinal treatment in Oriental medication and you might be most definitely now not going to have to check out onerous to steer any individual of Asian descent referring to its healing homes — without or with scientific proof.

Transferring onto the reimbursement program, Shuang Hor is refreshingly easy for a longtime MLM trade. Shuang Hor’s cost plan itself is beautiful honest and will depend on a minimal 400 PV per month era to earn residual commissions.

Preferably no less than part of this may be thru retail gross sales however there is not any explicit requirement.

That is true to extent Shaung Hor is not only some other associate autoship recruiting technique. Minimal associate recruitment is had to advance the cost plan ratings despite the fact that. PV calls for that correspond with standing enlargement such that retail must be going down. That mentioned retail PV necessities (min 50%) would make it possible for that is going down.

In brief, Shuang Hor is is a viable MLM and associate alternative that has a longtime recognition on the market. People who find themselves thinking about giving the programme a check out are loose to discover extra main points that may be discovered at the corporate’s web site. It can be value taking a look during the related associate and source of revenue disclosure statements as neatly.


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